Alboury Safari

ALBURY SAFARI is a company that works in the field of Tourism and hunting for more than a quarter of century.
The company serves shooting trips , voyages and diving trips in all Sudan states.
ALBURY SAFARI for tourism trips serves the best kind of shooting trips , voyages and diving trips in all Sudan states and opened natural forests in Sudan ( DINDIR national park -Shielded TOKAR – ARKAWEET – Green forests of KASALLA) in all following Sudan states ( Red sea state -Northern Kurdufan – white Nile -Aljazeera -Kasalla -Algadarif – River Nile)

Enjoy shooting tours in River Nile natural forests and it’s attractive sights. the best summer shooting tours to ( Gazelles -Squid -. Offensive birds – Monkeys – wild birds – Anaconda – wild reptiles – nautical reptiles)

The best shooting tours in Sudan with the most attractive sights of Sudan opened forests at Riversides and branches in the east, South and North.

The company organizes tours to Arabian Universities, scientific authorities tours programs, tours programs for Arabian individuals and programs for Arabian group specially for Gulf.

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